Looking after you 

Hedley Solicitors are committed to providing a truly personal service to families and individuals.

We will always try to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible whatever your needs.


Police Station

Hedley Solicitors will represent you at the police station, the magistrates’ court, crown court and court of appeal.

We will endeavour to respond immediately to your request for assistance.

Helping you to understand the charges against you we will explain what they mean to your personal circumstances and ensure that you receive every protection due to you, under the law.


Kid drawingThis is an area of our services which requires a high degree of care and sensitivity, dealing as it does, with people and children and their current and future well-being.

With this in mind you can have assurance that Hedley Solicitors not only have the expertise but also the understanding as to how these matters should be approached and resolved:

  • pre-nuptial agreements
  • civil partnership disputes
  • marriage breakdown, separation and divorce
  • children’s matters … contact and residence and adoption


Emotional woman hugging her partner
These agreements enable two people who have differing circumstances and assets to be able live together in the knowledge that each understands their rights and obligations.

The agreement protects each partner by helping them to gain that understanding and appreciate how they can move forward together.

The agreement also provides for the terms of their separation should they wish to end the partnership.


Two business lady making a decision

Hedley Solicitors will provide you with advice and support on all aspects of your employment, including:

  • redundancy
  • wrongful dismissal
  • discrimination
  • settlement agreements
  • representation at employment tribunals.

Nigel’s background in Human Resources gives him significant advantages in being able to successfully deal with such issues.


This area of law ensures that your wishes in terms of how your assets and property are passed on are fully respected and carried out.
Family visit, joyful moment

Hedley Solicitors will ensure that your personal situation is fully recognised in how these arrangements are established giving you the assurance that you need in respect of:

  • writing and storage of wills
  • managing probate
  • establishing property and wealth trusts to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected
  • setting up lasting power of attorney for those who need help in arranging their financial affairs.

We also provide services in connection with ‘wealth preservation’. We have specialists who can advise in protecting your property.

Hedley Solicitors will be pleased to discuss your personal circumstances in providing any of the above services.


The sale and purchase of your house is one of the most stressful times of one’s life and is a popular reason for engaging the services of a solicitor.real estate agent handing over keys to home

We offer a ‘Price Promise’ whereby we will complete the sale of your property for a fixed fee.  Please contact us for details.

Hedley Solicitors ensure that the process is correctly carried out, that all the searches are completed and that the contract reflects your intentions to help protect what is likely to be one of your most valuable purchases.

If you’re not selling or buying property Hedley Solicitors will assist to resolve any disputes which arise between property owners: the property wall act, boundary disputes or issues of shared access.

We will investigate these and help to resolve them so that your rights are properly upheld.


Hedley Solicitors provide services relating to the scientific analysis of the consumption of drugs and DNA material.

This has implications in the following areas:hand holding syringe

  • Drug analysis is relevant to criminal law in respect of substance abuse (especially with regard to driving offences) as well as employment misconduct relating to one’s ability to carry out one’s duties.
  • Drug analysis in family law matters … relating to residence and contact arrangements for children by one parent concerned about he ability of the other to look after the child.
  • DNA analysis is important in certain aspects of family law where proof of parentage is required.

Hedley Solicitors provide a competent and confidential service relating to drug and DNA analysis.

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