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We are a family law firm based in Blyth, Northumberland.

We offer a complete service so that all your family and business legal needs can be looked after by someone who understands you and your background.

We provide a 24 x 7 professional service so that you can be sure that we are always there when you need us.

Hedley Solicitors understands that being faced with legal issues or requiring legal services can be a difficult and frightening experience.

Whatever your needs, a relatively simple house sale or complex legal representation, Hedley Solicitors will help you, giving you assurance and confidence.

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Based on Experience

Nigel Hedley started his career as an apprentice electrician at Cambois Colliery, transferring to Bates before moving to the Industrial Relations Department and then in to Personnel at Ellington Combine Mine where he remained until the mine closed.

He began his legal career in 2003 and in 2007 became qualified to appear in the Crown Courts as a Solicitor – Advocate.

The comprehensive range of services offered by Hedley Solicitors … for both private and business clients … is firmly based on solid experience gained through living and working in the Blyth area.

In 2014 the practice moved to new premises on Regent Street in Blyth town centre which has disabled access. Currently Hedley Solicitors are accepting new clients on a weekly basis.

Many of the clients regard Nigel Hedley as their ‘family solicitor’, providing them with advice and guidance in many areas of the law: personal as well as business.

Nigel continues to look to improve the range of services to ensure that the practice offers the highest levels of assistance.  At the same time he invests in the practice’s office facilities so that the work is carried out effectively and efficiently.

Care and Service

Hedley Solicitors understand that for many people, requiring legal support is not an everyday occurrence.  For some, the need will arrive at times of stress or personal hardship.

For this reason, Hedley Solicitors commit to provide the same high levels of care and service to all clients taking time to understand the situation.  The advice offered will be given sympathetically and in terms which the client can understand, explaining fully the situation and the options available under current legislation.

Through their care and professional expertise, Hedley Solicitors aim to ensure that all of their clients:

  • feel more comfortable and confident about how they will be helped
  • completely understand their situation and outcomes
  • receive a personal service in which their needs are seen as paramount.

Maintaining and delivering to these values mean that many of the clients now come back to Nigel time and time again for all their legal support: personal clients becoming business clients and vice versa.

Why our Clients use us

These are the services which we are currently undertaking for our clients.


Landlord & Tenant

Wills and Probate

Family Law

Commercial Law

Criminal Law

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